Blockchain in the New norm — Part 5

My #data My control.

I am all for helping create a safe working environment. But I’d like to control or at least know with certainty on who accesses my #health data/reports, for what and when. How can I be sure that these are not misused or tampered with?

UK’s Open University #blockchain based solution stores your #ImmunityCertificates on #Solid #Pod. Tune in to my 5th episode of Blockchain in the New norm to know what this is all about.

Welcome to the Blockchain Hustle where I take a look at some interesting plays of how blockchain technology is opening up new business vistas across multiple industries.


[00.17] Episode introduction and Recap of last episode

[01.16] Introduction to UK’s Open University solution using Solid Pod

[02.16] Solid Pod — what is it

[05.45] Immunity certificate on the Pod — how it works

[08.32] Some specific points of interest

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